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Harvey Weinstein
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Cases involving those who engage in a pattern of harassment for decades are the most disturbing. If you have been a target of sexual harassment by Harvey Weinstein, you aren’t alone. Scores of women have come forward with claims of sexual harassment, and an undisclosed number of claims have allegedly been settled over the years.

The New York Times has reported that settlements in sexual harassment cases were reached for nearly three decades. If you wish to bring a claim against Harvey Weinstein, Mirimax and the Weinstein Company, you need to act quickly.


We are Actively Pursuing Cases on Behalf of those Sexually Harassed by Harvey Weinstein

Even if years have passed since the harassment took place, you may have rights. Call us at (646) 846-2800 and speak with one of our sexual harassment attorneys.


We Represent Clients Across the Country

Whether you are in California, New York or any other state, you should contact us immediately.  We can speak with you, assess your case and fight for the restitution you are entitled to receive.


Confidential and Discrete

We take a more confidential approach, fighting for women who have been abused but do not want attention in the media.  While prior cases do not guarantee the outcome of your case, we often resolve these cases by settlement, without going to court, without your name being in the media.  If you want a resolution but do not want the publicity, please call us now at (646) 846-2800.


If You Have Been Sexually Harassed by Harvey Weinstein,  Call Now

If you have been sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein and want to address it legally and discretely, we can help.  Please call our offices today at (646) 846-2800 and speak with our attorneys. We are here for you.