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If you’ve been sexually harassed in the workplace, our Harbor Heights sexual harassment attorneys can help. How do you respond in the workplace when someone makes lewd suggestions to you? Has your manager asked for a date and you refused? Are you able to lodge a complaint with your boss? Did coworkers pressure you or attempt to deter you if you were making a complaint about sexual harassment? Is it time to talk to our Harbor Heights sexual harassment attorneys to discuss the facts of the case?

New York Sexual Harassment Lawyers Harbor Heights

While some advancements have taken place, sexual harassment will continue to occur all too frequently, in all areas of work. Our employment discrimination and sexual harassment attorneys in NY are prepared to assist if you were the victim of sexual harassment.

It is Definitely Unacceptable When Sexual Harassment Takes Place in Harbor Heights

Contemporary culture has been vocal and stated sexual harassment is never acceptable. Yet, it persists in offices everywhere. Unfortunately, recent stories of sexual harassment against women are showing just how frequently it occurs. Some find fault with themselves, asking how this can occur and wondering whether it’s only happening to them. Sexual harassment on the job happens in organizations throughout Harbor Heights. Sexual harassment is not the victims’ fault. It’s the men and women in the workplace who perpetrate or condone sexual harassment who are at fault. Now is the time to defend your rights. Our NY sexual harassment lawyers are here to help you get started.

Consult Our Experienced Sexual Harassment Attorneys

Have you endured sexual harassment on the job? In Harbor Heights, speak to our attorneys.

With the range of legal and emotional issues you are experiencing, you will need seasoned legal representatives working for you. A professional team of attorneys will be in your corner and advising with your interests in mind. No doubt it is a tremendously stressful time for you. Your lawyer can certainly helpalleviate some of this. When someone violates your rights on the job, you ought to take action. If you talk to our sexual harassment attorneys today, permit them to help explain your legal options.

Our Sexual Harassment Attorneys Can Respond to Your Concerns

Sexual harassment brings about not only suffering, but important questions too. There are several important problems that need to be addressed by your Harbor Heights sexual harassment lawyers.

You might be wondering: Is what they’re doing really illegal? Could it be merely offensive? What is sexual harassment? Is this sexual harassment? What can I do or say to the individual and stop the harassment? How do I file a report concerning this with my manager? What should I do? I truly have to stay in my job. How can I take care of myself? I am fearful of retaliation by my employer. Exactly what do I do?

With lawyers representing valued clients in Harbor Heights and the New York metro area, we can help. With years of experience, our sexual harassment attorneys can provide you with assistance specific to handling your lawsuit. Sexual harassment lawsuits may be complex, and our lawyers can explain your rights and options to you.

Sexual Harassment Litigation is Complicated in New York

With regards to sexual harassment, the laws can be complex. If you have been sexually harassed, there are multiple laws – city, state, and federal – created to protect you. Sexual harassment is forbidden through Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, interpreting sexual harassment to be a component of sexual discrimination. Spanning both sexual harassment and discrimination, the New York State Human Rights Law (NYSHRL) also provides rights to the individual. New York City Human Rights Law may also protect you. Are your legal rights going to be protected by the federal, state or city law? Every situation is unique. Which laws will protect you the best? Can the end result be different determined by which laws are applied? Once we fully evaluate your facts, our sexual harassment lawyers can recommend a course of action for your claim in Harbor Heights.

Depending on the circumstances, you might need to file an administrative claim prior to starting a court action. Do you file with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the New York State Division of Human Rights (DHR) or the New York City Commission on Human Rights? All these agencies enforce employment discrimination laws. While they want to address similar needs, you will find important differences between the three agencies. You can be entitled to a unique result or have greater final results under federal or state law. Our experienced sexual harassment lawyers will guide you through the process. If you don’t commence your claim within the proper venue, you may not receive all awards that may have been accessible to you.

Investigating and Reporting Sexual Harassment in Harbor Heights

There are numerous benefits to having our Harbor Heights sexual harassment lawyers counseling if you have been an unwilling victim of employment discrimination and sexual harassment.

With experience managing these types of lawsuits, the initial step is to help you formulate a strategy. Based on the details and circumstances of your claim, you might file a complaint about the situation with your employer. Your company may have policies and procedures that will require you to do this in a very particular way. You may place your rights at risk if you do not follow the procedures and policies of your employer. You ought to record and keep copies of everything supporting your claim as well as the reactions from your employer after you submit your complaint. Companies need to look into claims of sexual harassment. Our Harbor Heights sexual harassment attorneys can help monitor this process to make certain it’s going forward fairly. Our attorneys can take additional action in the event your complaint is not going forward.

Some supervisors will improperly punish the individual who filed a complaint regarding sexual harassment. Have you ever been transferred, fired or demoted after filing a report about sexual harassment? You might have been made to quit once you filed a report regarding harassment. Often times, your most effective claim against your supervisor may be for retaliation. Oftentimes, the retaliation is more subtle. Our experienced Harbor Heights sexual harassment attorneys can certainly help you identify the signs. To prove your claim, you have to document the retaliation. We can help you.

What Remedies are Available If You Have Been Sexually Harassed in Harbor Heights?

Our Lawyers may also help you recognize what remedies are available. Lost wages and remuneration for emotional distress may be offered under the laws.

If you’ve been sexually harassed on the job, you may be entitled to significant compensation. If you believe you have been harassed, contact our attorneys immediately. Speak with our sexual harassment attorneys to discuss your claim in Harbor Heights.

Sexually Harassed in Harbor Heights? Reach Out and Call Lawyers Now

The impact of sexual harassment may be incredibly distressing to deal with. Fear and depression can materialize after the verbal or physical mistreatment of sexual harassment. The emotional stress and strain may be even greater if you must remain on the job. Many worry about retaliation if they speak up. What should you do? There is absolutely no reason to endure this alone.

Our experienced sexual harassment attorneys can address all your questions. Our New York attorneys proudly assist our valued clients’ needs. To receive a free case review, call us today. We have to evaluate the facts to determine if you have an actionable case against your company.

Please call (646) 846-2800. Our staff is available 24/7 to talk about your claim.

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