Speak With a Sexual Harassment Attorney Representing Employees in Ronkonkoma

If you’ve been sexually harassed at work, our Ronkonkoma sexual harassment attorneys may be able to help. How do you react on the job when someone makes lewd and offensive comments to you? Has your manager asked you for a night out and you refused? Does human resources listen to you if you talk about sexual harassment? What if you’re threatened with retaliation or tagged a “rat”? Should you have a discussion with our attorneys?

We all know sexual harassment is certainly wrong, yet it continues in all areas of the workforce. Our Sexual Harassment attorneys are prepared to take your call and find out how we might help you.

Sexual Harassment in Ronkonkoma is Truly Unacceptable

With so much focus on preventing sexual harassment, why does it continue to occur? Unfortunately, recent stories of sexual harassment against women are showing just how pervasive the problem is. The fact is that, what is going on is happening to a lot of women. All over Ronkonkoma, sexual harassment at work is common. The only people that need to feel ashamed are the ones carrying out sexual harassment. You must not feel embarrassment or disgrace about sexual harassment. The fault lies with those who perpetrate or condone sexual harassment. You should take the first step to make them to stop their unlawful activities. We are here to help get you on your way.

Consult our Knowledgeable Sexual Harassment Lawyers

If you’re experiencing sexual harassment at work, have a conversation with our employment discrimination and sexual harassment lawyers.

Instead of handling the situation alone, skilled sexual harassment attorneys can counsel you on how to proceed. Your supervisor has attorneys. You need a strong team of lawyers on your side. If you’ve been harassed, you are coping with a stressful situation. Let a skilled attorney help with the legal issues. Is your coworker or employer violating your legal rights? Our sexual harassment attorneys are here to help you and to discuss your rights and remedies.

Our Sexual Harassment Lawyers can Answer Your Concerns

No one is expecting to be sexually harassed, and you might have a lot of issues to address about the topic. Our Ronkonkoma sexual harassment attorneys can address all your questions and help you recognize important issues.

Those who have suffered sexual harassment frequently ask numerous questions, such as: Is it my fault? Am I becoming hypersensitive? Can anyone be sexually harassed? I want the individual to quit harassing me. What do I do? Must I document this, and if yes, how? Who do I talk to? I feel that I need protection, and don’t fully understand in what direction to go. Will they retaliate against me?

We have experienced Ronkonkoma sexual harassment lawyers to help you defend your legal rights. Our lawyers have practical experience handling sexual harassment lawsuits, and can provide you with specific information and advice to assist you navigate your claim. Our experienced attorneys are here to educate you and handle your case.

Starting a New York Sexual Harassment Claim is Complicated

With regards to sexual harassment, the laws can be complex. For example, do you know that sexual harassment is unlawful under a number of laws? Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, sexual discrimination is unlawful. This has already been interpreted by the courts to include sexual harassment. There is also a state law called The New York State Human Rights Law that does the same. New York City Human Rights Law may also protect you. Depending on what is taking place, which laws apply to your situation? Which law affords the best opportunity for being successful with your set of facts? Do your circumstances warrant using one particular law over another? All? Having a solid team of attorneys assisting you to make this determination can be crucial to the outcome of your claim.

Based on the law, you may need to file an administrative claim prior to starting a court action. Do you need to file with the New York State Division of Human Rights or the New York City Human Rights Commission? What about the Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions? The federal, state, and city agencies look to protect the legal rights of employees. There are distinctions between the city, state and federal, and you should follow the laws specific to that body. Our experienced sexual harassment attorneys are familiar with the laws and procedures, and work with you to submit your claim promptly with the proper agency. Failing to do so can stop you from attaining the outcome to which you can be entitled.

Investigating and Reporting Workplace Sexual Harassment in Ronkonkoma

For anyone dealing with sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace in Ronkonkoma, you will find benefits to using our Ronkonkoma sexual harassment attorneys.

One clear benefit is that we will help you formulate a plan. After evaluating the situation, you may need to file a complaint about the problem with your employer. Your company may have policies that will require you to do so in a very particular way. To file a claim for sexual harassment, you may need to comply with their documented procedures and policies. Record and maintain duplicates of whatever you use to support your claim in addition to all responses you receive after you file a complaint regarding the sexual harassment. Organizations really should look into allegations of sexual harassment. Our Ronkonkoma sexual harassment lawyers can certainly help monitor this process to ensure it’s going forward fairly. In case your claim is not being managed properly, we can respond as required.

Some supervisors will wrongly punish the person who filed a report about the sexual harassment. Were you fired, demoted, or transferred after lodging a complaint about sexual harassment? Have you been required to quit after filing a report concerning sexual harassment? Often times, your strongest assertion against your boss may be for retaliation. The signs of retaliation might not be as obvious as being dismissed from your job, and our Ronkonkoma sexual harassment lawyers can certainly help identify signs. We can help record events to help develop a strong retaliation claim.

What Remedies are Available if You’ve Been Sexually Harassed in Ronkonkoma?

Knowledgeable sexual harassment attorneys know what remedies may be available to you. Various laws offer remuneration for emotional distress, lawyers’ fees, back pay and punitive damage awards.

Significant compensation may be available for people that have been sexually harassed at work. If you’ve been sexually harassed, call today. Consult with our sexual harassment attorneys to go over your case in Ronkonkoma.

Call and Speak with Our Ronkonkoma Sexual Harassment Attorneys

It can be incredibly distressing to deal with the consequences of sexual harassment. The verbal or physical abuse  may result in fear and depression. Things can end up being made worse with added stress of your job. Retaliation is a concern for those who must file a complaint regarding sexual harassment. How should you move forward? You must not go at this by yourself. Help is available.

When you have a discussion with us, you will be talking to experienced sexual harassment attorneys. Our lawyers’ dedication to our valued clients is second to none. We provide a no-risk, no obligation, free consultation. We need to review the facts to determine if you have an actionable case against your employer.

Please call (646) 846-2800. Our staff is available 24/7 to discuss your case.

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