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There is no justification for sexual harassment. Our Box Hill sexual harassment lawyers can advocate for your rights. Where do you turn if you are at work, and another person makes lewd statements to you? Has your employer asked for a night out and you refused? Will HR listen to you if you mention sexual harassment? What will happen when you lodge a complaint about the situation? Will people retaliate against you? Should you sit down with one of our attorneys?

New York Sexual Harassment Lawyers Box Hill

We see reports of sexual harassment daily. Our N. Y. sexual harassment attorneys are ready to talk to you and see how we can help you.

Sexual Harassment in Box Hill is Clearly Not Acceptable

Despite tens of millions speaking out against sexual harassment, it continues. Unfortunately, recent stories of sexual harassment against women are showing just how pervasive the problem is. This is not happening just to you. Unfortunately, workers in Box Hill are sexually harassed at work on a daily basis. Sexual harassment is not the fault of the victims. The ones to find fault with are the ones who carried out sexual harassment. You have to advocate for your legal rights. Our NY sexual harassment attorneys are here to help you begin this process.

Consult with Our Experienced Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Our Box Hill sexual harassment attorneys can certainly help you if you are being sexually harassed on the job.

Facing an array of legal challenges and complex emotions, you will need to enlist the assistance of knowledgeable sexual harassment attorneys. A professional legal team will be working for you and advising with your interests in mind. Discrimination at work is traumatic. Your attorney can certainly help reduce that stress. Is your colleague or employer denying your rights? Call us to talk about your possible recourse.

When You Have Questions Regarding Sexual Harassment, We Can Help

Individuals who have been sexually harassed may have many concerns on their minds. Our sexual discrimination and Box Hill sexual harassment attorneys can certainly help respond to them and give you a perspective in which to process the critical legal issues.

As you think about the situation, you can be asking yourself: How do you determine if what they’re doing is illegal? Precisely what is sexual harassment? Is this sexual harassment? Exactly what can I do or convey to the person and stop the harassment? Should I file a report about the harassment? Who do I consult with? What can I do today to stop the harassment? What if I am penalized or encounter retaliation?

Our attorneys deal with claims in Box Hill in the NY metro region. With years of experience, our sexual harassment attorneys can provide you with assistance particular to your claim. We can assist you to learn what choices you have and what your rights are.

Our Experienced Sexual Harassment Attorneys Understand the Laws and Procedures of Your Claim

The laws and regulations regarding sexual harassment are complicated. Once you have an idea of the path to take, you may be able to take advantage of city, state and federal laws to protect your rights. Sexual harassment is prohibited through Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, interpreting sexual harassment to be a component of sexual discrimination. For plaintiffs in New York, they also have legal rights under the New York State Human Rights Law (NYSHRL), which similarly forbids sexual harassment and discrimination. New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL) may also provide protection. As you look at your circumstances, what laws would apply to you? Which law offers the best opportunity for being successful with your set of facts? When applying the law to your circumstances, what would work best for you? We need to find out what transpired. When we do have the facts, our Box Hill sexual harassment lawyers can propose a strategy.

There are occasions that, prior to beginning a civil claim for sexual harassment in the workplace you have to file an administrative charge with the correct agency. Should you file with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the New York State Division of Human Rights or the New York City Human Rights Commission? These organizations are all involved in safeguarding the legal rights of workers. While they want to address the same problems, there are important differences between the three agencies. You can be entitled to a unique result or have greater final results under state or federal law. Our knowledgeable sexual harassment lawyers will direct you throughout the process. If you fail to initiate your claim within the correct forum, you might not get all awards that may have been accessible to you.

Sexual Harassment in Box Hill Has to be Investigated and Reported

If you have been the unwilling victim of employment discrimination and sexual harassment in Box Hill, there are numerous advantages to having our sexual harassment attorneys in your corner.

Before you can go forward with a claim, you have to create a plan. Depending on the facts and circumstances of your claim, you may choose to file a complaint concerning the problem with your company. Your employer may have documented procedures and policies set up which require you to file a report regarding sexual harassment. You may need to follow their policies to safeguard your legal rights. Once reported, you need to document everything you used to support your claim as well as your employer’s reply. An investigation is appropriate when a worker informs the employer of sexual harassment. Our Box Hill sexual harassment lawyers stay engaged throughout your claim. Our attorneys advocate on your behalf and act if the process is not proceeding.

Some employers cover-up the sexual harassment, and retaliate against the worker. Have you ever been demoted, fired or transferred after making a report regarding sexual harassment? Did your employer make you quit after lodging a complaint for harassment? When your supervisor retaliates against you, that can be your best claim. Our Box Hill sexual harassment attorneys can help you recognize this type of unlawful action. We assist you to build a strong claim for retaliation.

If You’ve Been Sexually Harassed in Box Hill, What are Your Remedies?

You might be able to win different outcomes based upon the laws applied to your case. Applying various laws to your case, you may be in a position to recover compensatory damage awards for emotional distress, back pay, and future compensation.

Compensation may be available for those sexually harassed in the workplace, and the amount could be significant. Call us now. Talk to our knowledgeable lawyers handling sexual harassment claims in Box Hill to find out if we can help.

Call Our Sexual Harassment Attorneys Helping Workers in Box Hill Today

For many people, it is particularly distressing to cope with the effects of sexual harassment. Depression or stress often occur after sexual harassment. The pressure and strain can be even greater if you must remain in the workplace. Sexual harassment and concern about retaliation frequently go hand in hand. How can you move forward? We can help. It is not necessary to endure this by yourself.

Our knowledgeable sexual harassment lawyers can address all your questions. Our attorneys’ commitment to our valued clients is second to none. Call us today for a free claim analysis. Ready to hold your company accountable? Call us today.

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