Experiencing Sexual Harassment in Hewlett? Attorneys Can Enforce Your Legal Rights

Sexual harassment is never acceptable. Our Hewlett sexual harassment attorneys can safeguard your rights. How do you react in the workplace if somebody makes lewd comments to you? What happens if your boss demands you go on a date and gets mad if you say no? Does H. R. listen to you if you talk about sexual harassment? What happens if you file a report concerning the issue? Will they retaliate against you? Should you talk with one of our attorneys?

While progress has been made, sexual harassment continues to occur all too frequently, in all areas of work. Our Sexual Harassment attorneys are willing to talk with you to see how we can help you.

Sexual Harassment in Hewlett is Not Your Fault

People have proclaimed sexual harassment is not acceptable, yet it continues nearly everywhere. Unfortunately, recent stories of sexual harassment against women are showing just how frequently it occurs. Some people believe they’re alone. They’re not. Daily, workers in Hewlett face sexual harassment. You shouldn’t be ashamed. You should not feel embarrassment or humiliation about sexual harassment. Individuals who commit sexual harassment are the ones to pin the blame on. You have to protect your rights. Our New York sexual harassment lawyers are here to help you get started.

Talk to our Experienced Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Have you encountered sexual harassment in the workplace? In Hewlett, speak to our lawyers.

Using experienced sexual harassment lawyers can certainly help you defend rights you might not have any idea that you have. Your seasoned sexual harassment attorneys can help negotiate and advance your lawsuit to the resolution you want. Discrimination at work and harassment are traumatic. Your attorney can help reduce that stress. Are your legal rights being dishonored by a coworker or your manager? Our sexual harassment attorneys will not put up with bad conduct on the job. Call us right now.

There are Answers Available to Your Questions About Sexual Harassment

Those who find themselves being sexually harassed have questions. Having aided many, many people who encountered sexual harassment, our attorneys handling cases in Hewlett are able to develop a framework for you to organize and pursue relevant issues.

Victims of sexual harassment have a lot of questions to be answered such as: Is it my fault? Am I being too sensitive? How can I know if this is even sexual harassment? I want the individual to quit harassing me. What do I do? How do I file a complaint regarding this with my supervisor? Who do I meet with? I don’t want to get fired. But exactly how should I defend myself from harassment? Would they retaliate against me?

Our attorneys stand ready to help clients in New York, including those who are in Hewlett. The people in our group have many years of experience taking care of sexual harassment cases, and can provide you with specific direction. You must fully comprehend your legal rights, and our sexual harassment lawyers can get you there.

Sexual Harassment Litigation is Complex in New York

The laws regarding sexual harassment are complex. You can use many legal concepts to get an award if you’ve been sexually harassed. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 safeguards workers from sexual harassment. It is considered and interpreted to be part of sexual discrimination. Sexual harassment is also not allowed in New York under the New York State Human Rights Law (NYSHRL). New York City Human Rights Law may also protect you. Do any or all of these apply to you? Every scenario is unique. Which laws will protect you the very best? Can the end result be different depending on which laws and regulations are applied? We must know what transpired. Once we do have the specifics, our Hewlett sexual harassment lawyers can propose a strategy.

Under various laws, there are different approaches you need to take. At times, you need to file an administrative claim, by way of example. Do you need to file with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the New York State Division of Human Rights or the New York City Human Rights Commission? All these agencies enforce employment discrimination laws. However, there are relevant distinctions between the federal, state, and city agencies. You may be entitled to a different result, or have greater final results under state or federal law. Our experienced sexual harassment attorneys will lead you throughout the process. If you do not commence your claim in the correct forum, you may not obtain the damages you want.

Workplace Sexual Harassment in Hewlett Needs to be Handled Professionally

There are many advantages to having our Hewlett sexual harassment attorneys advising if you have been an unwilling recipient of sexual harassment and employment discrimination.

You must develop a strategy, and our sexual harassment lawyers will help with this. You might go to your supervisors and file a complaint concerning the situation. Your employer may have written policies and procedures set up that require you to file a complaint about sexual harassment. You might put your rights in peril if you don’t follow the policies and procedures of your employer. Your company’s response to your claim is relevant. You ought to record and maintain copies of everything you present to your employer as well as all reactions. When a staff member informs the manager of sexual harassment, the company should check into it. Our Hewlett sexual harassment lawyers work with you through this process. Our lawyers may take further action in the event your claim is not proceeding.

Some bosses will incorrectly punish the person who brought a complaint regarding the sexual harassment. Some managers may have transferred, fired or demoted a staff member who files a report about sexual harassment. Have you been made to quit after filing a complaint about sexual harassment? Your most robust allegation may be against your boss for retaliation. Our experienced Hewlett sexual harassment can help you identify indications of retaliation. We assist you to build a strong claim for retaliation where appropriate.

After Being Sexually Harassed on the Job in Hewlett, What are Your Remedies?

Our Lawyers may also help you understand what solutions are available. For instance, you can be eligible to get financial awards which includes lost wages, and compensatory damages for emotional distress, pain and suffering, lawyers’ fees and punitive damages.

Based on the facts of your claim, you may be eligible for substantial compensation. Simply call our offices today if you have been sexually harassed. Look at the specifics of your claim with one of our sexual harassment attorneys, helping clients in Hewlett.

Call Our Sexual Harassment Lawyers Helping Workers in Hewlett Today

For many people, it is particularly distressing to cope with sexual harassment. The mistreatment, regardless of whether it is verbal or physical, can result in fear and depression. The added strain of your job can make things much worse. You may be reluctant to speak up because you are afraid of retaliation. Exactly how should you carry on? We can certainly help. It is not necessary to endure this by yourself.

Our compassionate sexual harassment lawyers are here to answer all your questions. We are proud of our work. Contact us now for a free claim analysis. Ready to hold your employer accountable? Call us today.

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