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Sexual harassment is not acceptable. Our Bayport sexual harassment attorneys can safeguard your legal rights. How do you react whenever lewd sexual suggestions are directed at you on the job? Has your boss asked for a date and you refused? Are you willing to lodge a complaint with the company? What happens when you lodge a complaint about the situation? Will people retaliate against you? Do you want to have a conversation with our Bayport sexual harassment attorneys to analyze your claim?

New York Sexual Harassment Lawyers Bayport

Regardless of progress made, sexual harassment persists on the job. Our NY sexual harassment and employment discrimination attorneys are here if you’ve been sexually harassed.

It is Definitely Improper When Sexual Harassment Takes Place in Bayport

Modern culture has been vocal and stated sexual harassment is not acceptable. Yet, it carries on in workplaces everywhere. Unfortunately, recent stories of sexual harassment against women are showing just how pervasive the problem is. The targets of sexual harassment are not alone. Every day, job holders in Bayport experience sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is not the fault of the target. Those who perpetrate sexual harassment are at fault. You have to advocate for your rights. When you need assistance, call the New York sexual harassment attorneys at

Consult with Our Experienced Sexual Harassment Lawyers

If you are facing sexual harassment in the workplace, talk with our employment discrimination and sexual harassment attorneys.

Instead of handling the situation alone, knowledgeable sexual harassment lawyers can counsel you about how to move forward. Your boss has lawyers. You will need a strong team of attorneys in your corner. Sexual harassment is nerve-racking and emotional; a skilled sexual harassment attorney can certainly help you through these issues. Is your manager or coworker violating your employment rights? Our lawyers are both experienced and thoughtful. Call them today.

Our Sexual Harassment Lawyers Can Address Your Questions

People who are being sexually harassed have many questions. Making use of their practical knowledge, our Bayport sexual harassment lawyers will help you tackle the relevant issues and focus your thoughts.

As you consider the situation, you may be wondering: Is it my fault? Am I becoming too sensitive? Precisely what is sexual harassment? Is this sexual harassment? What should I do to get the person to stop harassing me? Should I file a report? Who do I talk to? I really have to not lose my job. How do I defend myself? What if I am reprimanded or suffer retaliation?

We have lawyers who submit lawsuits for clients in Bayport and all over the NY metro area. With years of experience, our sexual harassment lawyers can provide you with advice specific to your claim. We can help you to learn what choices you have and what your legal rights are.

Bringing a New York Sexual Harassment Claim is Complex

Sexual harassment laws are complex. For example, are you aware that sexual harassment is illegal under a number of laws? Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects workers from sexual harassment. It is considered and interpreted to be part of sexual discrimination. At the state level, New York State Human Rights Law (NYSHRL) prohibits sexual discrimination and sexual harassment. Employees in New York City may also receive protection from New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL). Which laws would apply to your claim? Your situation is distinctive from somebody else’s. Which laws and regulations perform best for you? Does it matter? Professional sexual harassment attorneys representing clients in Bayport can help you make this determination.

Based on the circumstances, you may need to file an administrative claim before starting a lawsuit. Do you bring a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the New York State Division of Human Rights (DHR) or the New York City Commission on Human Rights? For people who have been sexually harassed, they all can protect you. While they want to address the same issues, there are vital distinctions between the agencies. Bring your claim under the laws that can provide you with the greatest chance of favorable results. If you don’t start your claim in the proper venue, you may not receive the recovery you want.

Investigating and Reporting Sexual Harassment in Bayport

For people dealing with sexual harassment and discrimination at work in Bayport, there are benefits to using our Bayport sexual harassment attorneys.

One clear benefit is the fact that we can help you come up with a plan. You might go to management and file a report concerning the situation. Your employer may have policies and procedures that will require you to do so in a very particular way. You may put your rights in jeopardy if you do not keep to the policies of your company. Once reported, you have to document everything you used to support your claim as well as your employer’s reaction. Organizations really should examine claims of sexual harassment. Our Bayport sexual harassment lawyers can watch this process and help make certain there is a reasonable analysis. In the event your report isn’t being dealt with properly, we are able to respond as required.

Many supervisors cover up the bad conduct, and punish the employee. You may have been transferred, fired or demoted. Because of filing a report for sexual harassment, have you been made to quit your job? When your manager retaliates against you, that may be your most effective claim. In some cases, the retaliation is much more subdued. Our experienced Bayport sexual harassment lawyers can help you recognize the signs. To prove your claim, you need to record the retaliation. We can help with this.

Sexual Harassment on the Job in Bayport: What are Your Remedies?

Different outcomes may be available to you under the laws used in your claim. Various laws offer damages for emotional distress, lawyers’ fees, back pay, and punitive damage awards.

Significant compensation may be obtainable for people who have been sexually harassed on the job. Have questions? Call our attorneys today. Speak to our sexual harassment attorneys handling cases in Bayport and find out if we can help.

Call Our Sexual Harassment Attorneys Helping Workers in Bayport Today

If you are the unwilling victim of sexual harassment, it may be a particularly distressing time for you. Depression or fear frequently occur after sexual harassment. The extra pressure of your job may make things much worse. Retaliation is an issue for individuals that must file a report regarding sexual harassment. What actions could you take to protect yourself and your job? We can help. You don’t need to undergo this on your own.

By speaking to our sexual harassment attorneys, you will receive hands-on, experienced representation from legal professionals who care. Our lawyers proudly serve clients throughout New York. To get a free case evaluation, contact us today. Let us help determine if you have a claim against your company.

We’re available 24/7 at (646) 846-2800 to talk about your case.

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