Why You Need a Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Farmingdale

Farmingdale sexual harassment lawyers help you when sexual harassment takes place on the job. How do you respond on the job when someone makes lewd and offensive statements to you? Did someone get angry with you after you declined his or her advances? Will H. R. listen to you when you mention sexual harassment? Did coworkers pressure you or try to discourage you if you were making a complaint about sexual harassment? Is it time to sit down with one of our Farmingdale sexual harassment attorneys to go over what has been happening?

New York Sexual Harassment Lawyers Farmingdale

Sexual harassment continually plagues modern society. Our N. Y. employment discrimination and sexual harassment attorneys are ready to assist if you were the victim of sexual harassment.

When Sexual Harassment Happens in Farmingdale, it is Clearly Unacceptable

Employers and employees alike have proclaimed sexual harassment is never acceptable, yet it carries on nearly everywhere. Unfortunately, recent stories of sexual harassment against women are showing just how frequently it occurs. This is not occurring to just you. Employees in Farmingdale deal with workplace sexual harassment every day. Sexual harassment is not the fault of the target. Individuals who commit sexual harassment are responsible. You ought to take the first step to protect your rights. Allow us to help you protect your rights.

Seek Advice from Our Knowledgeable Sexual Harassment Attorneys

Have you endured sexual harassment at work? In Farmingdale, contact our attorneys.

You ought to have legal representatives accessible to assist you with the legal and emotional issues you face. Your boss has lawyers. You need a strong team of attorneys working for you. Discrimination at work is traumatic. Your lawyer can certainly help reduce that emotional stress. When someone violates your legal rights in the workplace, you should take action. Contact us now and go over your lawsuit with our sexual harassment lawyers.

There are Answers for All Your Questions About Sexual Harassment

Individuals who have been sexually harassed may have many issues on their minds. Making use of their working experience, our Farmingdale sexual harassment lawyers can help you deal with the pertinent issues and organize your thoughts.

When you think about the sexual harassment that has occurred, you may ask: Is what they’re doing really illegal? Is it simply offensive? Does what’s happening at work actually amount to sexual harassment? What things can I do or say to the person and end the harassment? Should I file a report concerning the harassment? Who do I need to talk to in order to lodge a complaint concerning this? If I want to defend my interests, what should I do next? I am fearful of retaliation by my employer. What do I do?

We have legal representatives who submit lawsuits for valued clients in Farmingdale and all over the New York metro area. Sexual harassment lawsuits call for particular knowledge, and our lawyers can help you with your lawsuit. Our valued clients turn to us to advocate for them, protecting their rights and helping them to recover financial damages.

Our Seasoned Sexual Harassment Lawyers Understand the Laws and Procedures of Your Claim

The laws and regulations in connection with sexual harassment are complex. For instance, are you aware that sexual harassment is illegal under a variety of laws? There’s a federal law called the Civil Rights Act of 1964, specifically Title VII, that prohibits employment discrimination driven by sex. The New York State Human Rights Law (NYSHRL) also provides protection against sexual harassment and sexual discrimination. Employees in New York City may also receive protection from New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL). Which laws would apply to your claim? How do you know which laws and regulations pertain to your circumstance? When applying the law to your situation, what would work most effectively for you? Our sexual harassment attorney handling cases in Farmingdale can assess your claim and recommend a plan of action.

Administrative claims must be brought prior to a lawsuit in certain circumstances. Do you file with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, the New York State Division of Human Rights or New York City Commission on Human Rights? For those who have been sexually harassed, they all provide protection. There are differences between the city, state and federal, and you should follow the laws particular to that organization. Your chances of favorable results can be totally different in different agencies. We help you to be able to file on time with the proper group. Choosing the right forum is relevant to maximizing your chance of being successful.

Developing a Strategy to Help You Fight Sexual Harassment in Farmingdale

For people experiencing sexual harassment and discrimination at work in Farmingdale, you will find benefits to using our Farmingdale sexual harassment lawyers.

Before you can take any action, our knowledgeable sexual harassment lawyers will help you formulate a plan to begin to move forward. You may have to file a report concerning the situation with your employer. Your employer might have written policies in place that require you to file a report about sexual harassment. To be able to file a claim, you might need to follow their policies. Ensure that when you file a complaint, you have retained important documents and maintain copies of all reactions from your company. When a staff member informs the supervisor of sexual harassment, the company should examine the situation. Our Farmingdale sexual harassment attorneys work together with you through the process. If the process is not going forward, we are able to act as required.

Some employers will improperly retaliate against the person who filed a report regarding sexual harassment. Some supervisors retaliate against the target, and they can be transferred, fired or demoted. You may have been compelled to resign after you filed a report regarding harassment. Often times, your most powerful claim against your manager may be for retaliation. The signs of retaliation might not always be as clear as being fired, and our Farmingdale sexual harassment lawyers can certainly help identify signs. We can assist you to prove retaliation and help you document related evidence.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace in Farmingdale: What are Your Remedies?

Our Lawyers may also help you recognize what remedies are available to you. Making use of various laws for your claim, you may be in a position to recover compensatory damages for emotional distress, back pay, and future compensation.

If you were sexually harassed at work, you may be entitled to substantial damages. Call us today. Review the details of your claim with one of our sexual harassment attorneys, helping clients in Farmingdale.

Call Our Sexual Harassment Lawyers Helping Workers in Farmingdale Today

Unsurprisingly, it can be particularly painful to cope with the aftermath of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is stressful and can lead to stress or depression. The emotional stress and strain might be even greater if you must remain in the workplace. Retaliation is an issue for individuals that need to file a report concerning sexual harassment. Exactly how can you carry on? We have experience and can certainly help. There is no reason to go through this by yourself.

By talking to our sexual harassment attorneys, you will get hands-on, knowledgeable representation from professionals that care. Our lawyers’ dedication to our clients is second to none. We provide a no risk, no obligation, free consultation. Ready to hold your company accountable? Call us today.

We are available to sit down with you 24/7. Call (646) 846-2800 now.

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