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Sexual harassment is not acceptable. Our Long Island City sexual harassment attorneys can protect your legal rights. Exactly how should you handle it whenever lewd sexual suggestions are directed at you on the job? Have the advances of a manager made you uncomfortable on the job? Are you willing to file a report with your supervisors? Are you being stopped from pursuing grievances about harassment? Would you like to talk with one of our Long Island City sexual harassment attorneys to evaluate your claim?

New York Sexual Harassment Lawyers Long Island City

Notwithstanding progress made, sexual harassment persists in the workplace. Our N. Y. sexual harassment and employment discrimination attorneys are able to help if you have been sexually harassed.

It is Truly Not Appropriate When Sexual Harassment Occurs in Long Island City

With the number of people fighting against sexual harassment, how does it persist? Unfortunately, recent stories of sexual harassment against women are showing just how pervasive the problem is. A lot of people think they’re alone. They aren’t. Workplace sexual harassment happens each day in Long Island City. Sexual harassment is not the fault of the target. It is the men and women at work who commit or excuse sexual harassment that are to blame. You should defend your legal rights. Our NY sexual harassment lawyers are here to help you get started.

Consult with Our Knowledgeable Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Have you ever endured sexual harassment at work? In Long Island City, get in touch with our attorneys.

Instead of handling the situation alone, professional sexual harassment lawyers can advise you on how to proceed. A knowledgeable team of lawyers will be in your corner and advocating on your behalf. Your attorney can alleviate a lot of the tension and worry discrimination in the workplace can cause. Is your coworker or employer denying your legal rights? Our sexual harassment lawyers are here to assist you and to go over your options.

Sexual Harassment is Hard to Handle and You Likely Have Questions

With the deep psychological impact of sexual harassment, its targets often have many concerns to address. There are several important issues that need to be sorted out by your Long Island City sexual harassment attorneys.

Those who have suffered sexual harassment frequently ask numerous important questions, which includes: Is what they’re doing actually unlawful? Is it merely offensive? Does what’s happening in the workplace in fact constitute sexual harassment? I need the harassment to stop now. How do I make this go away? How do I lodge a complaint concerning this with my employer? What if I don’t know who to talk to? I feel that I need to protect my interests and do not fully understand what to do next. I am fearful of retaliation by my boss. Exactly what do I do?

Our attorneys assist clients in Long Island City and various other areas of NY. Our attorneys have practical experience taking on sexual harassment cases, and can provide you with specific information and direction to assist you to navigate claim. Sexual harassment cases may be complicated, and our attorneys can explain your legal rights to you.

Bringing a New York Sexual Harassment Claim is Complex

The laws and regulations in connection with sexual harassment are complicated. For instance, do you know that sexual harassment is illegal under many different laws? Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, sexual discrimination is unlawful. This has already been interpreted by the courts to incorporate sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is also prohibited in New York under the New York State Human Rights Law (NYSHRL). New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL) may also provide protection. Which law covers your claim? Depending on your situation, which offers you the best opportunity to succeed? Will it truly matter which laws we bring your claim under? Experienced sexual harassment attorneys representing clients in Long Island City can certainly help you make this determination.

Based on your specific circumstances, you may need to file a claim with an administrative agency before initiating a court action. Do you need to file with the EEOC, NYDHR or NYC HRC? They all enforce sexual harassment and sexual discrimination laws. Though they seek to address the same issues, there are critical distinctions between the three agencies. You ought to initiate your claim under the laws that provide you with the best chance of success based on your circumstance. Commencing the wrong claim, selecting the wrong laws or not meeting deadlines can stop you from recovering an award of damages.

Developing a Strategy to Help You Fight Sexual Harassment in Long Island City

There are many advantages to having our Long Island City sexual harassment attorneys advising if you are a victim of sexual harassment and employment discrimination.

One clear benefit is the fact that we will help you formulate a plan. You may have to file a complaint concerning the issue with your company. Your employer may have policies and procedures requiring you to do so in a very precise way. Written policies might need to be adhered to to make a sexual harassment claim. Your company’s reaction to your complaint is important. You have to document and maintain duplicates of everything you present to your employer as well as all reactions. Companies really should examine allegations of sexual harassment. After we help you inform your company, our Long Island City sexual harassment lawyers continue to be actively engaged. Our lawyers negotiate for you and act if the process isn’t proceeding.

Some managers choose to punish the worker instead of conducting a comprehensive analysis. Some supervisors retaliate against the target, and they can be demoted, fired or transferred. Did your manager force you resign after lodging a complaint for harassment? Your most robust claims can be against your boss for retaliation. Sometimes, the retaliation might be more discreet. Our experienced Long Island City sexual harassment lawyers can help you identify the signs. We can help document events to help construct a powerful retaliation claim.

Sexual Harassment at Work in Long Island City: What are Your Remedies?

Depending on your claim under the laws applied, unique outcomes can be available. Various laws offer damages for emotional distress, lawyers’ fees, back pay, and punitive damage awards.

Based on the details of your claim, you may be entitled to significant damages. If you have been sexually harassed, call today. Speak with our experienced attorneys handling sexual harassment claims in Long Island City to see if we can help you.

Call Our Sexual Harassment Lawyers Helping Workers in Long Island City Today

The consequences of sexual harassment may be extremely painful to deal with. The abuse, regardless of whether it is verbal or physical, may result in fear and depression. Continuing to work with those involved in the harassment may make things worse. Many fear retaliation should they speak up. How can you move forward? You don’t have to go through this on your own.

Our sexual harassment attorneys can answer all your questions. Our attorneys proudly serve valued clients throughout New York. If you would like a free claim review, call our offices today. Let us help evaluate if you have a case against your company.

Our team can be reached at (646) 846-2800, 24/7 to discuss your claim and your needs.

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