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Uniondale sexual harassment lawyers help you if sexual harassment occurs at work. Exactly how should you react whenever lewd sexual statements are directed at you in the workplace? What happens when your supervisor asks you on a date and becomes upset if you refuse? Is your supervisor responsive to complaints regarding sexual harassment? What happens when you file a complaint concerning the problem? Will these people get back at you? Do you need to have a consultation with our Uniondale sexual harassment lawyers to review your claim?

New York Sexual Harassment Lawyers Uniondale

Sexual harassment occurs too frequently in today’s world. Our New York sexual harassment and employment discrimination attorneys are ready to talk to you and then determine if we can help you.

When Sexual Harassment Takes Place in Uniondale, it is Definitely Not Acceptable

Modern society has been vocal and proclaimed sexual harassment is not acceptable. Yet, it persists in offices everywhere. Unfortunately, recent stories of sexual harassment against women are showing just how frequently it occurs. This is not occurring to just you. Unfortunately, workers in Uniondale are sexually harassed at work every day. Sexual harassment is not the fault of the victims. The fault lies with those who perpetrate or excuse sexual harassment. Now is the time to stand up for your rights. We are here to assist you. Call the attorneys at www.sexualharassmentlawyer.com for assistance.

Talk to Our Experienced Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Seek advice from our skilled employment discrimination attorneys when you are struggling with sexual harassment in the workplace.

You must have legal representatives available to help guide you through the legal and emotional issues you are facing. Our sexual harassment lawyers can lay out options and negotiate for a solution that suits your best interests. Sexual harassment is traumatic and emotional; a skilled sexual harassment attorney can help you through these challenges. You do have rights while you are on the job. If they are being violated, you need to take action. It is alright to call for help. Consult with our sexual harassment attorneys today.

Should You Have Questions About Sexual Harassment, We Can Certainly Help

Individuals who have been sexually harassed may have a lot of issues on their minds. Our Uniondale sexual harassment attorneys can answer your questions and help you recognize relevant legal issues.

Those that experienced sexual harassment have many important questions, such as: Is it my fault? Am I being too sensitive? How does the law define sexual harassment? What can I do or say to the person and stop the harassment? Do I need to file a complaint with my employer? What if I don’t know who to talk with? If I want to defend my interests, what should I do next? Is there anything the law is capable of doing to defend me so I don’t get fired or experience retaliation?

We have attorneys who submit claims for valued clients in Uniondale and throughout the New York metropolitan region. The members in our group possess decades of experience taking care of sexual harassment lawsuits, and can present you with precise direction. You have to fully comprehend your rights, and our sexual harassment attorneys can help with this.

Initiating a New York Sexual Harassment Claim is Complex

The laws are complicated. If you know the path to take, you may be able to take advantage of federal and state, and city laws to assert your legal rights. Discrimination based on sex is prohibited under the federal law called the Civil Rights Act of 1964. There is also a state law called The New York State Human Rights Law that does the same. Employees in New York City may also receive protection from New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL). Based on what is happening, which laws apply to your circumstances? Based on your circumstance, which supplies you the greatest possibility to succeed? Is it possible to get greater protection under one law or some other based upon your circumstance? Professional sexual harassment lawyers representing clients in Uniondale can certainly help you make this determination.

There are times that, prior to commencing a civil claim for sexual harassment on the job you have to file an administrative charge with the correct agency. Should you file with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the New York State Division of Human Rights or the New York City Human Rights Commission? These agencies are involved in guarding the rights of workers. There are important differences and distinctions between the three, and each has their own procedures that you must abide by. Our knowledgeable sexual harassment attorneys understand the laws and regulations and procedures, and assist you to submit your claim promptly with the proper agency. Choosing the right venue is important to increasing your opportunity of success.

Investigating and Reporting Sexual Harassment in the Workplace in Uniondale

If you’ve been sexually harassed in the workplace in Uniondale, our sexual harassment lawyers can help.

One of the ways our sexual harassment lawyers might help is to help you develop a plan. Based on the details and circumstances of your claim, you may choose to file a complaint about the problem with your company. Your company may have policies requiring you to do this in a very particular way. If you do not follow the policies, you could put your legal rights at risk. Record and keep duplicates of whatever you use to support your claim in addition to all responses you receive after you file a complaint regarding the sexual harassment. An investigation should be conducted when a worker informs the boss of sexual harassment. Our Uniondale sexual harassment lawyers remain involved during your claim. If the company is delaying, we can respond accordingly.

Often times, rather than conducting a thorough analysis, managers punish the worker. Were you fired, demoted, or transferred after filing a complaint regarding sexual harassment? You might have been required to resign once you lodged a complaint about harassment. As you move forward, your best claim may be for retaliation against your manager. At times, the retaliation is a bit more subtle, and our attorneys can recognize when it happens. We will advise you on documenting all measures and responses by your boss to help build your claim.

After Being Sexually Harassed in Uniondale, What Are Your Remedies?

You may be able to recover different outcomes based upon the laws applied to your case. Back pay and compensation for emotional distress may be obtainable under the laws.

If you’ve been sexually harassed on the job, you might be eligible for substantial damages. Simply call our offices immediately if you have been sexually harassed. Speak to our sexual harassment lawyers serving Uniondale to see if we can help you.

Speak with Our Sexual Harassment Lawyers, Representing Clients in Uniondale

The consequences of sexual harassment may be particularly distressing to deal with. Depression or fear often occur after sexual harassment. The emotional stress and strain might be even greater if you must remain in the workplace. Retaliation is an issue for those who must lodge a complaint about sexual harassment. What actions could you take to defend yourself and your job? Do not try to get through this on your own. Our attorneys can help.

Our caring sexual harassment lawyers are here to respond to your concerns. Our lawyers’ commitment to our clients is second to none. To get a free case analysis, contact us today. Talk to us to determine if you have a case against your employer.

Our team can be reached at (646) 846-2800, 24/7 to go over your case and your needs.

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