Our Sexual Harassment Attorneys Representing Employees in Baycrest May Be Able To Help You

If you’ve been sexually harassed at work, our Baycrest sexual harassment attorneys can help. Do you think you should endure lewd and offensive comments from your employer or colleagues? Did somebody get upset with you after you refused her or his advances? Is your employer sensitive to claims regarding sexual harassment? What if you’re confronted with retaliation or branded a “rat”? Are you ready to talk with one of our Baycrest sexual harassment lawyers to go over the details of your situation?

New York Sexual Harassment Lawyers Baycrest

Daily, we learn about sexual harassment in the news. Our NY employment discrimination and sexual harassment lawyers are willing to speak with you and then determine how we can help you.

Sexual Harassment in Baycrest is Truly Improper

Notwithstanding tens of millions stepping up in opposition to sexual harassment, it carries on. Unfortunately, recent stories of sexual harassment against women are showing just how frequently it occurs. It’s not just you. Sexual harassment in the workplace happens each day in Baycrest. Sexual harassment is not the victims’ fault. People that perpetrate sexual harassment are the ones to blame. You ought to advocate for your legal rights. Allow us to assist you to enforce your legal rights.

Consult with Our Knowledgeable Sexual Harassment Attorneys

Have you endured sexual harassment in the workplace? In Baycrest, contact our attorneys.

Facing a wide range of legal issues and complex emotions, you will need to enlist the help of professional sexual harassment attorneys. An experienced team of attorneys will be working for you and advising on your behalf. Workplace discrimination is nerve-racking. Your lawyer can help reduce that stress. You do have rights while you are in the workplace. If they are being violated, you must act. It is alright to make a call for assistance. Consult with our sexual harassment attorneys today.

Sexual Harassment is Difficult and You Very Likely Have Questions

Sexual harassment leads to not only pain, but important questions as well. The Baycrest sexual harassment attorneys in our firm have the practical experience to recognize the relevant issues for your lawsuit.

Everyday people contact us with many questions, such as: Is what they’re doing really illegal? Is it simply annoying? Does what is going on in the workplace really amount to sexual harassment? I want the individual to stop harassing me. What do I do? Should I file a report regarding the harassment? What if I don’t know who to sit down with? What can I do today to end the harassment? Can retaliation happen if I stand up for myself?

With lawyers representing people in Baycrest and the New York metro area, we can help. The people in our group have years of experience taking on sexual harassment lawsuits, and can supply you with precise assistance. We are able to assist you to determine what choices you’ve got and just what your rights are.

Bringing a New York Sexual Harassment Claim is Complex

With regards to sexual harassment, the laws can be complex. Were you aware that there are numerous laws which make sexual harassment in the workplace unlawful? Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is a federal law that specifically prohibits sexual discrimination. This also contains a prohibition against sexual harassment. NY State Human Rights Law (NYSHRL) does the same. Employees in New York City may also receive protection from New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL). Which laws would apply to your claim? Based on your situation, which gives you the best probability to succeed? Can end result be different based on which laws and regulations are applied? Our sexual harassment lawyer handling cases in Baycrest can evaluate your claim and recommend a practical approach.

Depending on your specific circumstances, you might need to file your claim with an administrative agency prior to starting a lawsuit. Do you file with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, the New York State Division of Human Rights or New York City Commission on Human Rights? The federal, state, and city agencies enforce anti-discrimination and anti-sexual harassment laws. There are distinctions between the city, state and federal, and you will need to keep to the regulations and rules specific to that organization. You may be entitled to a unique outcome or have better results under state or federal law. Our skilled sexual harassment lawyers will direct you throughout the process. In order to recover an award of damages, you have to bring a timely claim within the correct laws in the proper forum.

Investigating Claims of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace in Baycrest

If you have been the unwilling victim of sexual harassment and employment discrimination in Baycrest, there are several advantages to having our sexual harassment lawyers working for you.

Before you can take any action, our skilled sexual harassment attorneys will help you come up with a plan regarding how to go forward. Depending on the situation, you may choose to report the situation to your supervisors. Your company might have documented procedures and policies set up that require you to file a report regarding sexual harassment. If you do not adhere to the procedures and policies, you might put your rights in jeopardy. Record and maintain duplicates of whatever you use to support your claim in addition to all responses you receive once you file a report regarding the sexual harassment. When an employee notifies the manager of sexual harassment, somebody really should check into the situation. Once we help you alert your company, our Baycrest sexual harassment lawyers remain actively engaged. Our lawyers negotiate for you and take action if the process is not proceeding.

Some bosses will wrongly retaliate against the individual who lodged a complaint regarding sexual harassment. Have you been transferred, fired or demoted after filing a report about sexual harassment? You may have been pushed to resign after you lodged a complaint about harassment. As you move forward, your strongest claim can be for retaliation against your employer. Sometimes, the retaliation is much more discreet. Our experienced Baycrest sexual harassment attorneys can help you identify the indications. We assist you to build a strong claim for retaliation.

What Remedies are Available If You Have Been Sexually Harassed in Baycrest?

You might be able to win unique outcomes depending upon the laws and regulations applied to your case. Back pay and compensation for emotional distress may be granted under the laws.

Compensation can be available for those sexually harassed on the job, and the award may be substantial. Contact us today. Speak with our sexual harassment lawyers handling cases in Baycrest and see if we can help you.

Contact Our Sexual Harassment Attorneys Today for Help With Your Claim in Baycrest

When you are the target of sexual harassment, it can be a particularly difficult time for you. Depression or anxiety often occur after sexual harassment. Continuing to work with those involved in the harassment can make matters even worse. Those who face sexual harassment often fear retaliation at work. What approach should you take? We can certainly help. You do not need to undergo this alone.

When you talk to us, you will be talking to knowledgeable sexual harassment attorneys. Our attorneys’ dedication to our clients is second to none. Call us now for a free claim analysis. Ready to hold your company accountable? Contact us today.

Please call (646) 846-2800. Our staff is available 24/7 to go over your claim.

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