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Why You Need a Sexual Harassment Attorney in West Hempstead

When sexual harassment happens at work, you must talk with our West Hempstead sexual harassment attorneys. What do you do when you are in the workplace, and somebody makes lewd suggestions to you? Has your supervisor become upset because you refused his sexual demands? Should you file a report about these things? Did your employer make threats against you for filing a report concerning the harassment? Is it time to have a consultation with our West Hempstead sexual harassment lawyers to talk about the facts of the case?

New York Sexual Harassment Lawyers West Hempstead

Each day, we learn about sexual harassment in news reports. Our NY sexual harassment lawyers are here if you are being sexually harassed.

Sexual Harassment in West Hempstead is Definitely Unacceptable

With the amount of people speaking out against sexual harassment, why does it continue to plague us? Unfortunately, recent stories of sexual harassment against women are showing just how frequently it occurs. Many people feel this is happening just to them, and that it could be something they caused. This could not be more incorrect. Sexual harassment in the workplace happens daily in West Hempstead. Sexual harassment is not the fault of the target. Individuals who perpetrate sexual harassment are those to pin the blame on. You need to take the first step to protect your legal rights. Our legal professionals at are here to help you with this process.

Consult with Our Experienced Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Talk to our experienced employment discrimination attorneys if you find yourself experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace.

You need to have legal representatives available to assist you with the legal and emotional issues you face. If you find yourself unsure about who to count on, your legal team is there for you providing you with good choices. Your attorney can ease a lot of the emotional stress and anxiety workplace discrimination may cause. As a worker, you have legal rights. Is your employer violating them? Our sexual harassment attorneys are here to assist you and to talk about your remedies.

Find the Answers to All Your Questions About Sexual Harassment

No one expects to be sexually harassed, and you might have many issues to address about the topic. There are numerous critical issues that have to be addressed by your West Hempstead sexual harassment attorneys.

With numerous emotions and uncertainty whirling in their minds, targets of sexual harassment often wonder: Is it my fault? Am I being too sensitive? How can I determine if this is even sexual harassment? I want the individual to stop harassing me, however I do not know how to handle the situation. Am I required to file a complaint? What if I don’t know who to sit down with? If I want to protect my interests, what can I do next? Can retaliation happen if I defend myself?

We have attorneys who submit lawsuits for clients in West Hempstead and throughout the NY metro region. The people on our team have years of experience handling sexual harassment claims, and can present you with specific guidance. When you bring your claim, you have to comprehend your rights and options. We’re here to advocate for you.

Our New York Sexual Harassment Attorneys Understand the Laws and Procedures

The laws related to sexual harassment and sexual discrimination are complex. If you know the direction to go, you may be able to take advantage of city, state and federal laws to protect your legal rights. Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, sexual discrimination is unlawful. This has been interpreted by the courts to include sexual harassment. Addressing both sexual harassment and discrimination, the New York State Human Rights Law (NYSHRL) also provides rights to the individual. New York City Human Rights Law may also protect you. Depending on what is occurring, which laws apply to your circumstance? We need to decide which laws will give you the best remedies in your circumstance. Will it really make a difference which laws we bring your claim under? We need to comprehend the specifics of your claim. Our sexual harassment lawyers can then suggest a plan for your matter in West Hempstead.

There are occasions that, before initiating a civil claim for sexual harassment in the workplace you need to file an administrative charge with the correct agency. Do you file with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the New York State Division of Human Rights (DHR) or the New York City Commission on Human Rights? The federal, state, and city organizations uphold anti-discrimination and anti-sexual harassment laws. On the other hand, there are important distinctions between the federal, state, and city agencies. The likelihood of success can be completely different in different agencies. We help you to be able to file timely with the appropriate organization. If you fail to initiate your claim in the appropriate venue, you might not get all remedies that may have been available.

Investigating and Reporting Sexual Harassment in West Hempstead

Sexual harassment at work in West Hempstead is truly serious, and our lawyers can certainly help you move on.

Initially, our knowledgeable attorneys can help you develop a plan. You may choose to go to your supervisors and file a report concerning the situation. Your employer may have policies and procedures that will require you to do so in a very specific way. If you don’t keep to the policies and procedures, you might put your rights in jeopardy. Make sure that as soon as you register a complaint, you have retained important documents and keep duplicates of all answers from your company. Companies really should check into claims of sexual harassment. Our West Hempstead sexual harassment lawyers can help keep track of this to ensure it’s continuing fairly. In the event your complaint isn’t being dealt with properly, we are able to respond as required.

Some employers cover-up the bad conduct, and retaliate against the worker. You could have been transferred, fired or demoted. Did your manager make you resign after filing your claim for harassment? When your manager retaliates against you, that can be your best claim. Oftentimes, the retaliation is much more discreet. Our experienced West Hempstead sexual harassment attorneys can help you recognize the signs. To demonstrate your claim, you have to document the retaliation. We can help with this.

After Being Sexually Harassed at Work in West Hempstead, What are Your Remedies?

Seasoned sexual harassment attorneys know what remedies can be available. Back pay and remuneration for emotional distress can be obtainable under the laws.

If you were sexually harassed on the job, you may be entitled to significant compensation. Contact us today. Speak with our sexual harassment attorneys handling cases in West Hempstead and find out if we can help you.

Speak with Our Sexual Harassment Attorneys, Representing Clients in West Hempstead

The impact of sexual harassment in the workplace can be particularly painful to deal with. The mistreatment, whether physical or verbal, can lead to anxiety and depression. Continuing to work with those involved in the harassment may make things a whole lot worse. Sexual harassment and concern about retaliation often go hand in hand. How do you safeguard your legal rights? We can certainly help. You do not need to go through this alone.

Our experienced sexual harassment attorneys can address your concerns. Our attorneys proudly serve people throughout New York. We provide a risk free, no obligation, free consultation. Talk with us to determine if you have a claim against your company.

Our team can be reached at (646) 846-2800, 24/7 to discuss your claim and your needs.

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