Why You Need a Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Staten Island

Staten Island sexual harassment lawyers help protect you when sexual harassment happens in the workplace. How do you respond in the workplace if somebody makes lewd suggestions to you? Have the demands of a coworker made you uncomfortable at work? Should you file a complaint regarding these things? Have you been stopped from pursuing grievances about harassment? Would you like to talk to our Staten Island sexual harassment lawyers to examine your claim?

New York Sexual Harassment Lawyers Staten Island

Everybody knows sexual harassment is inappropriate, yet it persists in all areas of the workforce. Our N. Y. sexual harassment attorneys are willing to take your call and then determine how we might help you.

Sexual Harassment in Staten Island is Clearly Wrong

We are all aware sexual harassment is not acceptable. Yet it carries on in all types of jobs. Unfortunately, recent stories of sexual harassment against women are showing just how frequently it occurs. Some people think this is happening only to them, and that it could be an issue they caused. This could not be further from the truth. Each day, job holders in Staten Island encounter sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is not the fault of the target. The ones to pin the blame on are the ones who committed sexual harassment. You will need to take the first step to make them to end their unlawful actions. We’re here to assist you. Call the attorneys at https://www.sexualharassmentlawyer.com for assistance.

Consult Our Knowledgeable Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Our skilled sexual harassment lawyers can certainly help you if you have been sexually harassed in Staten Island or in the New York metro area.

Facing a variety of legal challenges and complex emotions, you will need to enlist the assistance of knowledgeable sexual harassment attorneys. If you are unsure about who to count on, your legal team is there for you supplying you with viable options. Your attorney can alleviate a lot of the stress and fear discrimination at work may cause. When someone violates your legal rights on the job, you must act. Contact us today and go over your case with our sexual harassment attorneys.

Get the Answers to All Your Questions About Sexual Harassment

When you are at the receiving end of lewd actions in the workplace, you might have numerous questions. Our Staten Island sexual harassment attorneys can address your questions and help you identify actionable legal issues.

People contact us with many unique concerns, such as: How does someone know if what they’re doing is illegal? Exactly what is sexual harassment? What things can I do or convey to the person and end the harassment? Should I file a report about the harassment? Who do I need to sit down with in order to file a complaint concerning this? I really have to stay in my job. How can I defend myself? I am afraid of retaliation by my boss. Exactly what do I do?

Our attorneys are prepared to help clients in NY, including those who are in Staten Island. The members on our team possess many years of experience taking on sexual harassment claims, and can present you with precise guidance. Our experienced attorneys are here to educate you and represent you.

The Laws, Regulations, and Procedures Related to Sexual Harassment Claims in New York are Intricate

The laws related to sexual harassment and sexual discrimination are complex. For instance, sexual harassment falls under city, state and federal laws. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is a federal law that specifically forbids sexual discrimination. This also incorporates a prohibition against sexual harassment. At the state level, New York State Human Rights Law (NYSHRL) prohibits sexual discrimination and sexual harassment. Employees in New York City may also receive protection from New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL). Do any or all of these apply to you? Every situation is distinctive. Which law or laws will safeguard you the best? For your situation, how can you tell which law to make use of? Having a solid legal team helping you to make this determination can be crucial to the outcome of your claim.

Based on your claim, you might need to bring administrative claims prior to the lawsuit. Do you need to file with the New York State Division of Human Rights (DHR), New York City Human Rights Commission (HRC) or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)? All these agencies enforce employment discrimination laws. There are critical differences between them. Our knowledgeable sexual harassment attorneys are familiar with the laws and regulations and procedures, and work with you to submit your claim promptly with the appropriate organization. In order to recover a financial award, you need to bring a well-timed claim within the correct laws in the right forum.

Responding to Assertions of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace in Staten Island

Sexual harassment at work in Staten Island is serious, and our attorneys can help you move forward.

You need to come up with a plan, and our sexual harassment attorneys can help with this. You might speak with the employer to file a report concerning the situation, after talking over your options with your attorney. Your employer may have documented procedures and policies set up which require you to file a report about sexual harassment. To make a claim for sexual harassment, you might need to adhere to their written procedures and policies. You should record and preserve copies of everything supporting your claim as well as the answers from your company once you file your complaint. An investigation is called for when a worker informs the supervisor of sexual harassment. Our Staten Island sexual harassment attorneys stay engaged during your claim. If the company is stalling, we can act as required.

Some bosses elect to punish the employee rather than performing a comprehensive investigation. You could have been demoted, fired or transferred. After you made a report regarding that harassment, were you required to resign? Retaliation by your manager may be where your most successful claims lie. Signs of retaliation might not be as clear as being dismissed from your job, and our Staten Island sexual harassment attorneys can help recognize the signs. We can help build a strong claim for retaliation.

If You Have Been Sexually Harassed in Staten Island, What are Your Remedies?

You may be able to recover distinct remedies based upon the laws and regulations applied to your case. Applying various laws for your claim, you might be in a position to recover compensatory damages for emotional distress, back pay, and future salary.

Substantial compensation can be available for people who have been sexually harassed in the workplace. Call our practice now. Talk to our sexual harassment attorneys to discuss your case in Staten Island.

Please Call Our Office and Speak with Our Sexual Harassment Attorneys to Protect Your Rights in Staten Island

It can be particularly painful to cope with the consequences of sexual harassment. We often see stress and/or depression in clients suffering from sexual harassment. Things may be made worse with added pressure of your job. You can be afraid to speak up because you are afraid of retaliation. How will you safeguard your legal rights? You don’t have to endure this by yourself.

By talking to our sexual harassment attorneys, you will get hands-on, experienced representation from legal professionals that genuinely care. We are proud of our services. We provide a risk free, no obligation, free consultation. Ready to hold your employer responsible? Contact us today.

We are here for you 24/7. Please call (646) 846-2800 to discuss your claim.

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