Sexually Harassed on the Job in Greenvale? Our NY Sexual Harassment Lawyers Represent Workers Harassed at Work

Why You Need a Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Greenvale

When sexual harassment happens on the job, you need to have a discussion with our Greenvale sexual harassment attorneys. How will you react when lewd sexual statements are directed at you on the job? Has your boss become mad because you turned down his advances? Are you willing to lodge a complaint with your boss? Did coworkers threaten you or try to discourage you when you complained about sexual harassment? Is it time to talk to one of our Greenvale sexual harassment attorneys to go over what’s happening?

New York Sexual Harassment Lawyers Greenvale

While some advancements have happened, sexual harassment will continue to take place all too frequently, in all areas of work. Our N. Y. employment discrimination and sexual harassment lawyers are in a position to talk with you and determine how we might help you.

When Sexual Harassment Takes Place in Greenvale, it is Clearly Wrong

We agree it is not acceptable, nevertheless it continues in all industries. Unfortunately, recent stories of sexual harassment against women are showing just how frequently it occurs. This isn’t occurring just to you. Workplace sexual harassment happens every day in Greenvale. Sexual harassment is not the fault of the victims. The fault lies with those who perpetrate or condone sexual harassment. You will need to take the first step to protect your rights. Let us assist you to enforce your legal rights.

Talk to Our Skilled Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Have you encountered sexual harassment in the workplace? In Greenvale, contact our lawyers.

Using knowledgeable sexual harassment lawyers can certainly help you preserve rights you may not even know that you have. Your experienced sexual harassment attorneys can help negotiate on your behalf and advance your lawsuit to the outcome you want. Your attorneys are there to defend you and your legal rights. Is your boss or co-worker denying your employment rights? Contact us for an explanation of your legal options.

Many Questions – Our Sexual Harassment Attorneys Will Help

With the deep emotional effect of sexual harassment, its targets often have a lot of unanswered questions. Having helped many, many people who suffered sexual harassment, our attorneys handling cases in Greenvale are able to produce a framework for you to organize your thoughts and focus on important issues.

You might be asking yourself: How does someone know whether what they’re doing is illegal? Does what’s happening in the workplace really amount to sexual harassment? I want the person to stop harassing me, however I don’t know how to handle the situation. How do I file a complaint about this with my employer? How do I take care of this? I’d rather not get fired. But how should I defend myself from harassment? Can they retaliate against me?

Our lawyers take care of lawsuits in Greenvale in the NY metropolitan area. Our lawyers have practical experience taking care of sexual harassment claims, and can offer you specific details and advice to help with your claim. When you bring your claim, you need to comprehend your rights and options. We’re here to advocate for you.

Your New York Sexual Harassment Claim Requires Knowledge of State and Federal Laws and Procedures

The laws and regulations are complex. If you have been sexually harassed, there are multiple laws – city, state, and federal – created to cover you. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is a federal law that specifically prohibits sexual discrimination. This also contains a prohibition against sexual harassment. NY State Human Rights Law (NYSHRL) does the same. New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL) may also provide protection. Do the laws and regulations apply to you regarding sexual harassment? Every situation is distinctive. Which laws will protect you the very best? For your circumstances, how do you know which law to apply? Knowledgeable sexual harassment lawyers representing clients in Greenvale will help you make this determination.

Under the various laws, there are different approaches you have to take. At times, you need to file an administrative claim, by way of example. Different commissions can be involved. The New York City Commission on Human Rights, The New York State Division of Human Rights or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission may require filings. All these agencies enforce employment discrimination laws. There are relevant differences and distinctions between the three, and each has its own procedures that you have to adhere to. Your odds of success can be totally different in different agencies. We help you to file on time with the proper agency. Selecting the most appropriate forum is critical to increasing your chance of being successful.

Workplace Sexual Harassment in Greenvale Needs to be Handled Professionally

There are several advantages to having our Greenvale sexual harassment lawyers advising if you have been a target of employment discrimination and sexual harassment.

One way our sexual harassment lawyers will help is to help you formulate a strategy. Based on the situation, you may choose to report the situation to your supervisors. Your employer may have documented policies and procedures in place that require you to file a report about sexual harassment. If you don’t follow the policies, you may put your legal rights at risk. When you do file a report, we can take the appropriate steps to help you record everything you present to your employer to support your claim and your employer’s response. An investigation is called for when a staff member informs the supervisor of sexual harassment. Through the analysis, our Greenvale sexual harassment attorneys can keep track of the progress of your claim. If the process isn’t proceeding, we are able to react accordingly.

Some bosses cover up the bad conduct, and punish the employee. You may have been demoted, fired or transferred. You might have been made to resign after you lodged a complaint concerning harassment. Often times, your strongest assertion against your supervisor can be for retaliation. Our experienced Greenvale sexual harassment can help you identify indications of retaliation. A strong retaliation claim requires documentation. We can help collect and organize evidence.

What Remedies are Accessible to You If You Have Been Sexually Harassed in Greenvale?

Based on your claim under the laws and regulations employed, different remedies may be accessible to you. Various laws offer compensation for emotional distress, lawyers’ fees, lost wages, and punitive damages.

Within the law, substantial compensation can be available for those sexually harassed in the workplace. Have questions? Contact our offices now. Evaluate the specifics of your claim with one of our sexual harassment attorneys, helping clients in Greenvale.

Speak with Our Sexual Harassment Attorneys, Representing Clients in Greenvale

The effects of sexual harassment on the job can be extremely difficult to cope with. Stress and depression can materialize after the physical or verbal mistreatment of sexual harassment. Continuing to work with those involved with the harassment can make things even worse. Retaliation is an issue for individuals that need to file a report about sexual harassment. What strategy should you take? You shouldn’t go at this by yourself. Help is available.

Our sexual harassment lawyers can answer your concerns. Our attorneys proudly serve valued clients throughout New York. If you would like a free case assessment, call our offices now. We have to review the facts to determine if you have an actionable claim against your employer.

We’re available 24/7 at (646) 846-2800 to discuss your case.

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