Experiencing Sexual Harassment in Jericho? Attorneys Can Protect Your Rights

When sexual harassment takes place at work, you ought to have a conversation with our Jericho sexual harassment attorneys. How do you react when lewd sexual comments are directed at you on the job? Have the demands of a coworker made you feel uncomfortable in the workplace? Are you comfortable filing a report about these things to management? Did coworkers pressure you or discourage you if you complained about sexual harassment? Do you want to have a consultation with one of our Jericho sexual harassment attorneys to evaluate your claim?

Sexual harassment happens all too often in today’s world. Our Sexual Harassment lawyers are ready to help should you be the unwilling victim of sexual harassment.

It is Invariably Unacceptable When Sexual Harassment Takes Place in Jericho

We agree it is never acceptable, yet it continues in all industries. Unfortunately, recent stories of sexual harassment against women are showing just how pervasive the problem is. A lot of people think they’re alone. They are not. Every single day, employees in Jericho encounter sexual harassment. The only people who should feel ashamed are the ones carrying out sexual harassment. You aren’t to blame for sexual harassment. The responsibility lies with those who perpetrate or excuse sexual harassment. You need to take the first step to enforce your legal rights. Let us assist you.

Consult with our Seasoned Sexual Harassment Attorneys

Consult with our skilled employment discrimination attorneys when you are facing sexual harassment on the job.

Instead of handling the situation by yourself, skilled sexual harassment attorneys can counsel you about how to proceed. When you are unsure about who to count on, your team of lawyers is there for you offering you viable options. Your lawyer can ease a great deal of the pressure and fear discrimination at work may cause. Is your employer violating your rights? A coworker? It is alright to make a call for help. Consult with our sexual harassment attorneys today.

If You’ve Got Questions Regarding Sexual Harassment, we Can Help

With the deep emotional effect of sexual harassment, its victims often have a lot of unanswered questions. Our sexual discrimination and Jericho sexual harassment attorneys can help answer them and provide a perspective from where you can process the relevant issues.

People that endured sexual harassment have a lot of important questions such as: Is what they’re doing really illegal? Could it be simply questionable? How can I determine if this is even sexual harassment? What things can I do or say to the individual and end the harassment? How do I file a complaint about this with my boss? What is my next step? I’d rather not be fired. But exactly how do I protect myself from harassment? I am afraid of retaliation by my manager. What do I do?

Our attorneys handle lawsuits in Jericho in the New York metro region. Our lawyers can provide advice and advocacy specific to your sexual harassment case. We are able to work with you to determine what options you have and just what your legal rights are.

Your New York Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Calls for Knowledge of Federal and State Laws and Procedures

The laws and regulations related to sexual harassment and sexual discrimination are complex. You can use many legal concepts to get an award if you have been sexually harassed. Sexual harassment is illegal through Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, interpreting sexual harassment to be part of sexual discrimination. The New York State Human Rights Law (NYSHRL) also provides legal protection against sexual harassment and sexual discrimination. New York City Human Rights Law may also protect you. Based upon what is taking place, which laws apply to your circumstances? Based upon your circumstances, which supplies you the best possibility to succeed? Do your circumstances justify the application of one law over another? All? We will need to comprehend the specifics of your lawsuit. Our sexual harassment attorneys can then recommend a reasonable approach for your matter in Jericho.

Based on your claim, you might need to bring administrative claims prior to the court action. Do you file with the EEOC, the New York State Division of Human Rights or New York City Commission on Human Rights? The city, state, and federal agencies look to defend the legal rights of employees. Nevertheless, there are relevant differences between the federal, state, and city agencies. You must bring your claim under the laws that supply you with the best chance of success depending on your circumstance. If you don’t commence your claim in the right venue, you might not get the damages you seek.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace in Jericho Needs to be Handled Professionally

Sexual harassment on the job in Jericho is truly serious, and our attorneys can certainly help when it happens to you.

For the first step, our sexual harassment lawyers will help you formulate a plan. You might speak with the employer to file a complaint concerning the problem, after talking over your alternatives with your lawyer. Your company might have written procedures and policies in place which require you to lodge a complaint regarding sexual harassment. Prior to making a claim for sexual harassment, you might need to comply with your employer’s policies. Once reported, you must document everything you used to support your claim as well as your company’s response. An investigation is called for when a job holder notifies the employer of sexual harassment. Our Jericho sexual harassment attorneys work together with you throughout the course of action. Our lawyers may take additional steps in the event your claim isn’t going forward.

In many claims, the company punishes the worker who filed a report about the sexual harassment. You could have been fired, demoted, or transferred. You may have been forced to quit after you filed a complaint regarding harassment. Often times, your most powerful assertion against your supervisor may be for retaliation. In some cases, the retaliation is a bit more subdued, and our attorneys can recognize when it occurs. To prove your claim, you must document the retaliation. We can help you.

After Being Sexually Harassed in Jericho, What are Your Remedies?

Experienced sexual harassment attorneys know what remedies can be available. For example, you can be entitled to get financial damages which includes lost wages, and compensatory damage awards for emotional distress, pain and suffering, lawyers’ fees and punitive damages.

Within the law, substantial compensation may be available for those sexually harassed in the workplace. Have questions? Contact our offices today. Speak with our knowledgeable attorneys handling sexual harassment claims in Jericho to find out whether we can help you.

Sexually Harassed in Jericho? Reach Out and Call Attorneys Now

Needlessly to say, it can be particularly difficult to cope with sexual harassment. The mistreatment, regardless of whether it is physical or verbal, may result in stress and depression. The stress can be even greater with all the demands of the workplace environment and the need to keep your job. You can be reluctant to speak up because you are afraid of retaliation. What actions could you take to protect yourself? You should not go at this on your own. Help is available.

Our compassionate sexual harassment attorneys are here to respond to your concerns. Our lawyers are incredibly dedicated to their work. We provide a risk free, no obligation, free consultation. We need to evaluate the facts to determine if you have an actionable claim against your company.

Our team can be reached at (646) 846-2800, 24/7 to talk about your case and your needs.

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