Men Receive Help from New York Gender Discrimination Lawyers

Our attorneys are highly skilled at helping men and women in the New York City area when they experience workplace gender discrimination and sexual harassment. There is a misconception out there among some people that the victims of gender discrimination are always women and that the existing laws only protect female employees. While sex discrimination in the workplace does tend to affect women more frequently than men, men, and even transgender individuals, also endure a fair share of harassment and discrimination.

There are federal and state laws that make sex discrimination in all areas of employment unlawful. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII) protects workers from discrimination based on sex, race, and religion, among other characteristics. New York State Human Rights Law (NYSHRL) and New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL) also protect employees from discrimination based on sex, including sexual or gender identity. An employer may not base an employment decision or harass an employee based on sex.

Employment discrimination laws originated in part to combat widespread bias and mistreatment against women in the workforce. Women make up a vast majority of the victims of sex discrimination and harassment who file claims against employers. We know, however, that gender discrimination in the workplace against men, is occurring with more and more frequency.

Gender discrimination lawyers understand that every single employee, male or female, has the right to work in a safe and fair environment. The workplace should remain free of intimidation, harassment, and unequal treatment. No matter what gender you are, if your employer has unlawfully discriminated against you, you may have the right to seek the recovery of monetary damages and other remedies. Contact us, representing clients in New York City and the entire metropolitan area, and let our team of professional, compassionate and experienced attorneys help determine if you have a viable gender discrimination claim against your employer.

Male Employees Experience Gender Discrimination in New York

Discrimination against men happens very much in the same way it does to women. It may not be as frequent, but it is equally as unlawful.

For instance, did a company that has a tradition of hiring mostly females reject your job application? Has your male or female supervisor asked for a sexual favor in exchange for a job-related benefit? Has your expected promotion gone to a woman? If you answer yes to any of these questions, consider whether or not you are a victim of employment discrimination based on sex.

Consider the following ways in which men may experience sex discrimination in the workplace:

  • Your employer gives your well-deserved promotion to a less qualified female employee.
  • Your boss suggests that you will be fired or demoted if you refuse to perform a sexual favor.
  • You do not receive the same benefits as those given to women in your position.
  • You get fired from your job, but a female co-worker keeps hers.
  • You are promised a promotion or job security in exchange for a sexual favor.
  • The person interviewing you for a job for which you are perfectly qualified tells you that she can’t offer you the position because the supervisor prefers working with women.
  • You earn less money than a female employee performing the same job functions.
  • Your boss relegates you to “behind the scenes” work because clients prefer to deal with women.
  • You lose your job because the women in the office can’t get used to “having a man around” and find your presence distracting.
  • Your male boss transfers you to another department because you have refused to accompany him on a personal trip.
  • One or more co-workers subject you to unwanted sexual advances, ridicule, comments about your physical appearance, inappropriate jokes or innuendo that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe at work.
  • You are expected to work weekends when the women in your office with the same job are not because they have children at home.
  • Despite your repeated protests, a co-worker says goodbye to you every day with a pat on the rear “just like football players.”

Same-Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment are Unlawful

When workers find themselves victims of gender discrimination and sexual harassment, employers can be held responsible for the behavior of their executives, managers, and supervisors. Also important is the fact that discrimination does not have to occur between people of opposite genders. Unlawful sex harassment often occurs within the same gender. Male supervisors and co-workers frequently harass male employees and may also discriminate against male workers in other ways.

Contact Gender Discrimination Attorneys if you are a Male Victim of Sex Discrimination

Is someone sexually harassing you at work? Are you receiving less pay for the same work? Is your employer violating your rights to receive equal treatment and work in a safe environment? If you are a male, female or transgender employee, think you may be the victim of unlawful workplace gender discrimination, know your options. Consider contacting attorneys who provide counsel to male and female employees in the New York area including Long Island. Find out about your rights to file a gender discrimination claim and recover monetary damages from your employer.

Our lawyers understand the complex procedures, laws and evidentiary requirements that go hand in hand with sex discrimination claims. We can help gather evidence and build a strong case. Whether you want to negotiate a monetary settlement or prove your case in court, our gender discrimination team has the passion and skill to obtain a successful recovery that may include reinstatement to your job, back pay and more. Our personal and team-based approach to all matters provides clients with a level of dedication and hard work that have earned us an outstanding reputation in our field.

If you think you have been the victim of employment discrimination in or around New York City, learn firsthand how a devoted gender discrimination lawyer can help enforce your workplace rights. Time may be of the essence so call us at 1-800-585-4658 today.