Sexual Harassment Attorneys Protect Long Island Employees from Hostile Work Environments

Working in the New York area is tough. Our employment law attorneys know that when you have to work in a discriminatory or hostile environment, it can be downright impossible. If your co-workers are harassing you at your place of employment, consider consulting us to learn about your rights to file a sexual harassment claim and recover monetary compensation.

Is someone in your office making you uncomfortable with inappropriate comments? Is a colleague or supervisor scaring, threatening or touching you? If the answer is yes, you may be experiencing sexual harassment at your job. It can be tough to speak up if you are the victim of harassment of any kind, especially when it is sexual in nature. You may fear an escalation of the problem or retaliation for being a “troublemaker.” You may feel anxious or nervous at work and unable to perform your work to the best of your actual ability. Perhaps you feel forced to quit and don’t know what to do. We can help. You don’t have to handle sexual harassment alone.

Our lawyers representing clients on Long Island and throughout New York, provide a full range of employment discrimination and sexual harassment representation. If you want assistance with your harassment claim, we can guide you with compassion, dedication, and skill. We have worked hard to earn our excellent reputation for success both litigating sexual harassment claims and negotiating settlements. Contact us do learn more about your rights and how to proceed to protect your best interests including, possibly, your job.

Sexual Harassment on Long Island: Quid Pro Quo and Hostile Work Environment

Hostile work environment sexual harassment and quid pro quo sexual harassment are the names given to the two legally recognized and common types of harassment that occur in the workplace.

Quid pro quo occurs when a person such as a supervisor, manager or other superior promises or threatens something employment-related in exchange for a sexual favor. The perpetrator must be in a position of authority over the victim. The manager of a department telling his secretary, “I will fire you if you don’t have sex with me” or “I will give you a raise but you must have sex with me first,” are examples of quid- pro-quo-sex harassment. Another more subtle example might be the same manager implying that there is the promise of promotion for his secretary if she joins him on a “business trip.”

Unlawful sex harassment of the quid pro quo variety can, and often does, result from a single act.

Sex harassment also occurs when offensive behavior is pervasive and makes the target or other victims feel uncomfortable or unsafe at work – the conduct creates a work environment that is perceived to be hostile. Under the conditions of a hostile work environment, the victim may have performance problems, be forced to resign and suffer from stress or emotional trauma. The victim and perpetrator do not have to have a superior/subordinate relationship.

Actions that can result in sexual harassment and create a hostile work environment include:

  • Sexual jokes and comments
  • Display of nude pictures
  • Unwanted touching
  • Sexual innuendo
  • Frequent commentary about physical appearance, body parts
  • Unwanted flirting
  • Repeated, unwelcome sexual or romantic propositions
  • Unwanted exposure to offensive videos, texts, emails

Lawyers on Long Island File Claims for Victims of Sexual Harassment

For conduct to create a hostile environment and form the basis of a sexual harassment claim, it must be two things; unwelcome and frequent or pervasive. What is frequent? How do you know if something is unwelcome? Sexual harassment claims get evaluated on the particular circumstances of each situation. For example, when a co-worker asks you on a date, and you say you are not interested, is it sexual harassment? Probably not. But, if that same co-worker escalates his attempts after you openly express your position, leaving love notes, gifts and pictures on your desk each day, you may grow increasingly uncomfortable and find that you are the victim of a hostile work environment.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency that oversees employment discrimination matters offers some questions to consider when trying to determine if conduct creates a hostile work environment.

  • Is the harassment verbal? Physical? A combination of both?
  • Is it a co-worker who is behaving questionably? A supervisor? A Vendor? The business owner?
  • Are many people participating in the offensive conduct? Is it one employee? A whole department?
  • Is there one target? Is the harassment aimed at multiple people? Is it affecting multiple people?

Who Experiences Hostile Work Environment Sex Harassment?

Sexual harassment that creates a work environment that is hostile can involve employees across any and all levels. Sexual harassment of this nature can occur when any employee in any position harasses any other worker in any other position.

Typically it is a single person who is the recipient of the unwelcome and offensive conduct. At times, there are multiple targets and each one may be entitled to file a claim to recover damages. There are occasions when a person who is not a true target of the harassment may become a victim. Harassment of one person can be so pervasive or offensive that it results in a hostile environment for others in the workplace.

While women tend to be more frequent victims of inappropriate conduct, men also file claims for sexual harassment that takes place at their places of employment. Sexual harassment is not limited to members of opposite genders. It can and often does occur in individuals of the same sex.

Long Island Sexual Harassment Law Firm Helps Recover Monetary Damages

If you are unhappily working in a hostile environment or have been forced to quit your job because of sexual harassment, you may be entitled to collect compensation including back pay, punitive damages, and money for emotional distress. You may also have the right to receive other remedies such as reinstatement to your job if you were terminated or forced to quit because of the unlawful behavior.

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